Bohdan Varshchuk aka g3d stories & notes

I'm Bohdan Varshchuk (also known as @g3d), computer engineer, entrepreneur, and nerd. Eventually, I'm involved in a set of different activities, including (but not limiting):

I'm interested in solving non-trivial problems, so if you have something — drop me a line. My field of interests includes several fields & topics:

  • startups, entrepreneurship and making;
  • team & product management;
  • learning & teaching, human interaction & mentorship;
  • blogging and podcasting;
  • computer engineering, software design, functional programming concepts;
  • unix, linux, open source;
  • programming in ruby, javascript, clojure, elixir;
  • distributed systems, blockchain, cryptocurrencies;
  • Japanese culture, manga, anime and whiskey (Nikka is my favourite one);
  • coffee culture, drip coffee & cold brew;

Few other things you should know about me:

  • I'm trying to follow protestant work ethic: hard work, discipline and frugality;
  • Always ask "why?", understanding matters;
  • I believe, that focus, meaningfulness & flow state can produce extraordinary results;
  • I'm trying to avoid "filter bubble", so people who disagree with me and can hold in mind two opposite concepts are always welcomed;
  • I don't believe in simple solutions for complex problems: there are always trade-offs, especially if you have multiple stakeholders with different requirements/needs/interests;
  • I've started programming 10 years old. Thanks to my uncle.
  • Isaac Asimov is one of my favourite authors. He has affected my decision regarding my future.
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