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It's not a secret, that we (Bitspark) are quite actively using DEXBot on our markets to provide liquidity for some market pairs and in personal life for automated trading. Quite often people are asking for help with DEXBot setup or configuration. I'm going to cover proper aspects of that process in this article, so you will be able to handle everything yourself.

Prepare requirements

First, we need to have our operation system installed and configured. There are a lot of different guides, so I'll just list few of them:

Key point: you should improve your default configs, disable logins with password and ban for unsuccessfull attempts to log in.

Another pre-configuration step will be to setup docker. To do that, just follow official guide. We're going to use official DEXBot docker images.

Setup account and prepare keys

First, we need to register account(s) on Bitshares DEX. Ensure you did a back up of your wallet keys or stored your password. It can't be recovered later. After account is registered, we should record active bitshares WIF keys in order to add them later. Here is the guide how to export your active WIF key.

After you have your account settled, we can start dexbot configuration. Log into your server. First of all, we need to create folders, that will hold our configs and data:

mkdir ~/dexbot-data ~/dexbot-config

After folders are created, we can add our keys by executing next command:

docker run -it --rm -v ~/dexbot-data:/home/dexbot/.local/share dexbot/dexbot:0.15.5 uptick addkey

Please make a note about 0.15.5: this is a version of the image from dockerhub page. If you will use latest here, it'll be latest development build, which is not always stable.
After all your trading keys are imported (keys for all bitshares accounts involved in your trading), we can proceed with workers configuration. To achive this, execute:

docker run -it --rm -v ~/dexbot-config:/home/dexbot/.config/dexbot -v ~/dexbot-data:/home/dexbot/.local/share dexbot/dexbot:0.15.5 dexbot-cli configure

You can add as much workers as you want and configure their parameters. I strongly recommend to have separate accounts for each worker, as this simplify profit calculation later. After configuration stage is done, it's time to run your workers:

docker run -it --rm -v ~/dexbot-config:/home/dexbot/.config/dexbot -v ~/dexbot-data:/home/dexbot/.local/share dexbot/dexbot:0.15.5 dexbot-cli run

Enjoy your profit ;)

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